My husband’s of an age when he remembers the ‘Corona man’ – and rather fondly at that. I don’t think it was the concept of doorstep delivery or a bottle deposit scheme that sets him off but instead simply that he and his siblings got their hands on some brightly coloured fizzy drinks. And, it is with the ‘Corona man’ in mind, that I am looking at this proposed bottle and can deposit scheme.

Now I’m a big drinker of fizzy pop and water – out of bottles or cans – and I’m also a big recycler – putting the correct item in the correct bin at home and doing my utmost to do the same when I’m out and about. But, I keep reading stories that not all so-called recycling is recycled, which rather gives me the hump and makes me wonder why I bother.

Anyway, as much as the deposit scheme sounds rather noble, I wonder whether it will work. It reminds me of the proposed ‘dog poo’ scheme where any poo found on the pavement would be tested using DNA. The dog owner would be notified and fined – sounds grand except only responsible dog owners would sign up to register their dog’s DNA in the first place. With the bottle and can deposit scheme, unless the deposit is huge, will people bother to collect it? And will it result in people rummaging through my recycling bins to take bottles back. And how many ‘return’ machines will there be? And what will their capacity be? And will they be emptied regularly. So many questions, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.