The recent cold snap did wonders for my stash of Diet Coke outside my back door – it turned it into slush, and I love a slushy drink. I was therefore delighted to read that Coke is rolling out more of its Arctic Coke machines in the US of A (though there’s no news of them coming over here).
Apparently the Arctic Coke coolers make 20-ounce bottles of Coke colder than a typical cooler, turning the liquid into slush in seconds.
According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Coke trialled these units in 20 c-stores in Indianapolis and they were a huge hit with sales rising by 15-20%. Now the machines are being rolled out to 800 stores across the US.
And it’s not just Coke that the Arctic machines work on. The initial trial included Coke, Diet Coke, Powerade Mountain Blast and Sprite but now other drinks, including Fanta Orange, are being added.
I’d love to see them rolled out over here but I doubt they’ll come. Years ago I remember asking one of the soft drinks’ giants why we didn’t have fountain drinks in c-stores over here. The answer was a bit woolly but basically they just didn’t think they’d work. Big shame there are no Big Gulps (huh)!

Cold comfort

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