I like Nutella as much as the next person (perhaps a little bit more), but I don’t think I’d be willing to suffer a black eye for some.

And that’s what one shopper got in France, when supermarket chain Intermarché decided to run a deep-cut promotion on jars of the chocolatey nutty goo. The 70% price cut led to shoppers going nuts for the spread.

Apparently there was loads of ‘jostling for jars’ and one store sold 600 in five minutes – and one poor soul got a black eye. However, press reports didn’t say how many jars he or she had managed to buy in the scrum.

I love Nutella but don’t buy it simply because I could eat a whole jar at a time. It’s been successfully marketed as a breakfast product, which I have always found strange, but I suppose there are people out there with more willpower than me, who can make do with a teaspoon-full on their toast and be satisfied.

When I’m abroad, I’m always agog at the super-huge jars you can get of the stuff, but never buy them cos I’d simply dive right in and probably suffocate.

The French apparently eat 100 million jars of Nutella a year, which is more than any other country than Germany. Here, we eat our way through £50m of the spread a year. The latest product available here is Nutella B-ready, which I’ve already tried. It’s basically a wafer filled with Nutella – it’s alright, but the wafer-to-Nutella ratio is not right for me.


Nuts for Nutella

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