In today’s retail environment I’ve decided I’m at a disadvantage.

And it’s not because I’m a middle-aged woman who is well past her prime. It’s because…I’m left-handed.

A bit of background first. Traditionally I’ve always had to be careful which till I choose in the supermarket. If there’s a choice of two side-by-side with conveyor belts on the near side of both (bear with me here as I imagine this to get it right); I have to pick the right hand one. It means it’s easier for me to get the goodies out of the trolley and load them on. Now, that’s been an age-old problem and one I feel I have rather admirably overcome.

My more modern problem is tackling self-service checkouts. I don’t particularly like them, and try and avoid them as much as possible – typically telling any retail staff that point me towards them that they are taking their jobs.

However, sometimes there’s no avoiding them and this is where the problems start. You see I’m never sure which way you’re meant to scan ie left to right or right to left. And whichever way it is, I typically get it wrong.

I asked a rather bemused young man in M&S which way I was meant to do it and I think he thought me a little odd. I suggested having one till specially for left-handed people and he looked at me as if he didn’t realise such people existed.

Perhaps I need to visit The Simpsons’ Leftorium store, run by Ned Flanders – now I wonder whether their tills are positioned correctly for left-handers?


Feeling left out

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